A Look Inside “Terrifying” Abandoned Theme Park with Creepy Statues (VIDEO)

Gaby, 24, explored the abandoned theme park with her partner and two friends and was shocked to discover creepy animatronics and desolate, mould-ridden buildings

Many of us might have recurring nightmares, whether you are being chased by something or you find yourself lost somewhere, they can often feel really life-like and terrifying.

One woman found herself exploring what many might think is a scene straight out of a horror film as she went snooping around an abandoned theme park.

Gaby, 24, from USA is an urban explorer who posts videos to her YouTube channel under the name Urbex Muse.

She had been researching this theme park in an undisclosed location in the USA for some time so decided to go check it out for herself.

The theme park did not disappoint and even managed to terrify her with its range of creepy items as it looked to have been abandoned in a hurry.

“While exploring the location we came across multiple unusual finds, we started at the bottom of the amusement park parking lot and began our journey with a two-hour hike to the top of the property,” Gaby said.

“We saw the mossy rollercoaster cars which had been docked at the front of the ride since the location’s closure.

We strolled through multiple saloons and eventually found ourselves in the gift shop, there we discovered an untouched box still full of park merchandise including mugs with the location’s logo and price tags on them.”

In some images picked up by Gaby, who was exploring with her boyfriend Sonny, 23, and friends Austin, 23 and Connor, 21., there are mysterious animatronics and abandoned buildings which have black mould growing out of them.

But it was the animatronics which gave Gaby the biggest fright.

“We progressed to the final portion of the park which housed multiple old animatronics for performances to entertain guests,” said Gaby.

“The animatronics had always been rumored to be severely unmaintained even during the park’s operation, and their appearance certainly reflected that.

“Nearly 10 life-sized farm animal animatronics remained in the room, some still up on display and others wrapped in garbage bags on the floor. This find affected me the most, as I find animatronics to be especially creepy.”

In one room they found haunting animatronic statues including a pig in a dress, a monkey playing drums and a wolf playing the guitar.

Gaby said: “I was extremely excited as I looked around this location as it was my first time ever experiencing an abandoned amusement park. The property was sprawling which made it even more thrilling knowing how much ground there was to cover.

“I also knew in advance what I wanted to see the most during the exploration, primarily the roller coaster and the animatronics, so my anticipation was high from the moment we started our adventure.”


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