Did Ancient Sumerians Have Extraterrestrial Contact?

The ancient Sumerians were a civilization that flourished in Mesopotamia, in the region known as the Fertile Crescent, around 4000 BCE.

They are considered to be the first civilization in world history, and they made significant advances in a number of fields, including agriculture, architecture, and mathematics.

The Sumerians were skilled farmers and were able to develop irrigation systems that allowed them to cultivate crops in the fertile land of Mesopotamia. They also made great strides in architecture, building towering ziggurat structures that were dedicated to their gods. They also developed a complex system of mathematics that included a base 60 numbering system, which is still used in modern times for measuring time and angles.

One interesting aspect of Sumerian culture is the possibility of extraterrestrial contact. Several old Sumerian texts suggest that they may have met beings from other planets. For example, the Sumerian epic “Enûma Eliš” tells the story of the creation of the universe and the gods who dwell within it. In this epic, the gods are described as having come from the sky and having shaped the world and its inhabitants.

This suggests that the Sumerians may have believed in the existence of other worlds and life forms beyond Earth.

There are also a number of Sumerian texts that depict beings with extraterrestrial characteristics. The “Anunnaki,” for example, are described as having been sent to Earth by the god Anu in order to help with the creation of humanity. These beings are often depicted as having wings and are associated with celestial objects such as the sun and the moon. This further adds to the possibility that the Sumerians may have believed in extraterrestrial life and contact.

While it is difficult to determine the truth of these ancient stories, the possibility of extraterrestrial contact in Sumerian times cannot be completely ruled out. Some researchers have even suggested that the Sumerians may have had advanced technology or knowledge that could be attributed to extraterrestrial influence. The Sumerians possessed an impressive understanding of astronomy, which could be attributed to observations of celestial objects, perhaps even through telescopes or other advanced instruments.

In the end, the ancient Sumerians were an amazing culture that made important contributions to the growth of human society. They were advanced in their understanding of agriculture, architecture, and mathematics. Also, the idea that Sumerians might have had contact with aliens is an interesting topic for researchers and historians to look into. Ancient Sumerian texts and stories give us a glimpse into their beliefs and ways of thinking, which continue to fascinate and inspire us even today.

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  1. Scholar and author Zecharia Sitchin translated many cuneiform tablets from Mesopotamia.
    Anyone interested in reading about the Anunnaki should take a look at his books.
    Raises many questions about history as we know it..

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