‘Horns’ Start Growing Out of Woman’s Head

A woman in India is asking for help after growing horn-like features on her head that have left her in ‘unbearable pain’.

Mimiya Bai has apparently left doctors ‘puzzled’ with her condition, which began three years ago.

The 60-year-old is now waiting for treatment and is in consultation with senior doctors.

But her illness has been described as ‘beyond their understanding’.

If surgery was offered, she could not afford it and she is appealing to the Indian government for help her with the money.

Dr Abhishek Jain believes Mimiya’s disease is known as a siliceous horn.

It can start anywhere on the body and is curable and treatable through surgery, he says.

Mimiya has revealed people did not believe her when she first told them about her ‘horns’ and were ‘surprised’ when they saw her.

Doctors have been left stumped after HORNS started growing out of a woman's head in India. See SWNS story SWNAhorns. Mimiya Bai, 60, started growing horns out of her head three years ago resulting in unbearable pain. Mimiya said that people did not believe her when she told them of her ailment and were 'surprised' when they saw her. She is now waiting for treatment and in consultation with senior doctors but her condition has been described as 'beyond their understanding'.
She is waiting for treatment but can’t afford surgery (Picture: Aarti Verma / SWNS)

Speaking to New Indian, she said ‘no one knows the physical and mental pain’ she has faced.

‘For the last three years, I have been very upset’, she said. ‘I have pleaded with everyone, but no one listens to me. 

‘I am suffering from pain. I hope to God to get rid of this disease and also to get rid of this helpless suffering.’

Her relatives have also been left ‘upset’ with the situation.

‘The doctors here have advised us to visit top specialists in the city, but we are unable to do it because of financial compulsions’, they said.

Mimiya cannot be treated at district and small hospitals, so is awaiting treatment at larger hospitals in the country.

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