Bizarre UFO in the ‘Form of a Ball’ Shot Down in Russia

Now any claims made by the Russian Government should be taken with a grain of salt. They’re not exactly the most trustworthy or integrity-driven global power on Earth. According to Newsweek though, Russian officials are claiming to have shot down an unidentifiable ball-shaped flying object. The UFO could be related to the war with Ukraine.

Vasily Golubev, the governor of the Rostov oblast region reported that on January 3rd, a small-sized object in the shape of a ball was discovered drifting in the wind at an altitude of about 1.5 miles above land. It was first seen over the Sultan Sala region in the Myasnikovsky district. Ultimately, the decision was made to liquidate the object.

“I urge everyone to remain calm. To ensure security, all forces and means are involved. The sky is covered with anti-aircraft defenses,” he said.

Witnesses watched the situation go down. The strong explosion was even caught on camera, while other folks reported that they knew the air defense system was in operation when they could feel their houses shake below.

UFO Shot Down In Strategic Location In War With Ukraine

The UFO is not likely to have alien origins, but it could very well have implications for the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Rostov is located along the Sea of Azov, which connects to the Black Sea via the Strait of Kerch. Simply put, it’s part of the region that the two countries are fighting over. The area has been the frequent target of bomb shellings and drone attacks since the war began. With a war going on, and each country throwing the full weight of their arsenals at one another, we may never know what the object was or where it came from.

Unidentified Flying Objects In Las Vegas Baffle Sin City Residents

The great ball of fire in Russia isn’t the only unidentified flying object to recently make headlines though. A UFO sighting above the Las Vegas strip caused quite a stir just before Christmas. Given the close proximity of Sin City to the infamous Area 51 Air Force base that is steeped in extraterrestrial folklore, reports of UFO sightings in Vegas are actually somewhat common. However, the recent occurrence was definitely something people in the area had not seen before.

Cloud cover made it difficult to decipher what was going on. However, a cluster of red, white, and yellow lights was clearly visible hovering above The Sapphire Las Vegas nightclub. Sapphire manager Brett Feinstein caught the event on camera and shared his thoughts about the unusual occurrence. “Honestly, this is really strange. I mean, we’re here every night. I’ve never seen anything like this,” he said.

Soon after though, the National Weather Service chimed in and stated that the incident was actually due to an atmospheric phenomenon.

“Long pillars of multicolored light streaking the sky seems like the perfect backdrop for impending alien invasion. “But in reality, light pillars are a common effect that can be found all over the world. They do come from above — not extraterrestrials, but tiny crystals of ice hanging in the atmosphere. … Ice is very reflective, so when light hits those wider faces, it bounces around and reflects off more ice crystals.“That means we get these vertically stacked mirrors floating in the atmosphere. The light hitting it gets reflected up and up (or down and down, depending on the source), and becomes a radiant column in the sky. Light can come from the sun, moon, cities, street lights — any strong light source.”

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