Couple Report Seeing “Men in Black” Following Odd UFO Sighting

In a strange case out of Massachusetts, a couple suspect that they may have been visited by the infamous ‘Men in Black’ following a particularly odd UFO sighting.

The weird incident reportedly occurred early last month in the city of Boston and was relayed to the National UFO Reporting Center by the brother of one of the witnesses. He explained that, a few weeks earlier, his sister and her boyfriend had watched a YouTube video about astronauts allegedly seeing UFOs. On the night in question, they went outside to smoke a cigarette at around 2:30 in the morning and, during that time, reflected on the conspiracy theory as they gazed up at the moon.

“Within less than five seconds of talking about that out loud,” the woman’s brother said, the pair spotted a puzzling orb that “was so bright, the light illuminated their faces as if in the presence of fireworks.” According to the witnesses, the peculiar UFO ascended silently into the sky while emitting “spark-like elements” before disappearing from sight.

The timing of the curious sighting was not lost on the couple, as the woman’s brother reported that “they were pretty scared, considering the fact that, just seconds before the UFO appeared, they were talking about alien encounters. They felt as if whatever it was heard them talking about that and wanted to prove their existence. It was more than just a coincidence.”

However, the couple’s experience became even stranger around an hour later, when they went back outside to have another cigarette. It was then that, in a seemingly silent manner, “a black sedan SUV pulled up across the street” and out of the vehicle stepped a man dressed entirely in black.

This individual, the witnesses say, “began to stare at them” and they soon noticed that there were two more people in similar attire “standing at the end of the street.” That pair of mysterious strangers were reportedly “swaying back and forth as if they were trying to make out who or what they were.” Eerily, the troubling trio simply silently watched the couple until the pair became so put off by the experience that they ran back inside their house.

While it is entirely possible that the suspected ‘men in black’ were merely normal people out late at night and not nefarious entities looking to silence UFO witnesses, the witnesses specifically noted that the facial features of the figures appeared to be “all blurred out” despite their close proximity to the couple.

Alas, when they called the police about the curious incident, their account was dismissed by the cops, who told them that they only accept reports of criminal activity, not UFO sightings. Ultimately, the woman’s brother mused that “my sister said this is the scariest thing she has ever encountered, the UFO sighting was scary enough, but the strange MIB who just so happened to be staring at them so late in the middle of the night was even more terrifying.”

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