Semi-Transparent Triangle Seen Over City is “100 Per Cent a Real Alien Craft” (VIDEO)

An expert has reviewed video footage of an alleged UFO sighting and he is certain this is proof of alien life, ruling out the possibility that it could be a military craft

UFO spotters have been left in shock as a ‘semi-transparent triangle’ was spotted hovering over a city – and an expert said this is ‘100 per cent a real alien craft’.

One witness managed to capture a video of the bizarre sighting, and the short clip shows the unknown object floating effortlessly in the sky.

The witness estimated the craft would be around 60-75ft in length, and experts believe the object, which is triangular in shape, can’t be a jet plane of any kind as it doesn’t move at all during the video.

The video was captured over Salt Lake City in Utah, United States, and comes just weeks after the US military announced they were investigating an ‘unidentified flying orb ‘ that was spotted by a spy plane over an active conflict zone.

The witness, who remains anonymous, said: “I noticed a fairly large triangular object hovering in the sky. It was first floating stationary but moving kind of wavy.

“It then proceeded to slowly move north. I captured a total of four videos of approximately one minute 30 seconds each. The object kept floating north and then seemed to disappear from view.

“The object was definitely a triangle and guessing the size could have been around 60-75 ft in length. The location when first spotted was just above the high-rise buildings in downtown Salt Lake. It appeared to be about 1,250-1,500 ft in the sky.”

The sighting was shared by author Scott C. Waring, on his blog UFO Sightings Daily.

Scott said: “This is something very cool. A large black triangle was seen over Salt Lake City. The object seem to have a clear or reflective hump on its lower centre that was semi-transparent, as the screenshot shows.

“This object held position not moving, which means it’s not one of the Stealth fighter jets often seen over Utah.

“However it might be a USAF TR3B or triangle craft using the Stealth fighter design and body. But the fact that it’s sunset and the USAF would not fly a TR3B during the day to keep it hidden from the public makes me know that this is 100 per cent a real alien craft.

“This is a UFO.”

This sighting is just the most recent in a string of unusual sightings, as the US military is investigating an ‘unidentified flying orb’ after the huge metallic-looking structure was spotted by a spy plane over an active conflict zone.

The image, taken in April 2016, was part of a classified briefing for US officials and was shared by Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp, on their podcast ‘Weaponized’.

Produced by the Pentagon’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force, the briefing described the object moving from south to north, but noted that it didn’t change altitude.

What the orb is remains unclear, but according to Jeremy and George, the US military are taking the matter seriously as they believe it was under ‘intelligent control’.


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