Scientists Digging “Deepest Hole in the World” Discover “Sound of Hell” (VIDEO)

Scientists and geologists taking part in the Kola Superdeep Borehole project, by the Soviet Union in the 1970s were said to have come across a noise so horrific listeners said it was the ‘sounds of hell’ – but the sound was faked, looped and edited to sound so harrowing

A noise branded the “sounds of hell” was claimed to have been recorded as scientists made a discovery digging the “deepest hole in the world”.

Scientists and geologists were drilling over 10km deep, into the Earth’s crust, during a Cold War race to the centre of the planet.

On May 24, 1970, on the Soviet Union project known as the ‘Kola Superdeep Borehole’ began and over the coming years workers eventually reached 12,200 metres deep.

But during their work, it’s been claimed that they recorded one audio clip which has left people haunted, and saying it sounds like “people burning in hell”.

It’s alleged the 17-second memo was recorded by scientists using several heat-resistant microphones that they lowered into the hole.

The terrifying wailing noise left many comparing it to something supernatural happening digging to the deepest artificial point on Earth.

But, thankfully, there is no hell waiting deep below us as mythbusters proved the noise fake whilst scientists did find an interesting fact out about the geology of the Earth during their digging.

The deep rocks they came across were saturated with water, valuable minerals like gold and copper, and they discovered 14 species of fossilised micro-organisms down there as well.

A myth-busting website analysed the viral audio and concluded that the sound was looped and edited.

One YouTube clip pulled up audio from the radio broadcast “Quiet Please – The Fourable Board” and soundbites from 1972 horror movie “Baron Blood” to compare them with the “sounds from hell”.

It said: “The file has been looped and layered over itself several times to make the 20 or 30 voices from Baron Blood sound like a few hundred … so the conclusion here is while hell might be real, this story is not true,”.

The Kola Superdeep Borehold drilling stopped in 1992 when the temperature reached 180C as by that time, the collapse of the Soviet Union left the scientists no money to fund such a project.

Meanwhile, the desolate site, formally shuttered only in 2005, has now become a destination for adventurous tourists.

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