Large, White and Hairy Beast Reported in the Pyrenees Mountains (VIDEO)

In a mysterious and thrilling development, blurry video footage has emerged that appears to show a yeti in the Pyrenees Mountains. It is, of course, blurry and hard to clearly identify the large white and hairy beast walking through the snow but it does appear to be bipedal with long arms hanging low to the ground like an ape.

The alleged yeti is obscured by distance and camera limitations but nevertheless does resemble the abominable snowman of mountain legend. Yeti sightings have a long and storied history stemming from the Himalayas and other areas featuring snowy peaks capable of hiding a cryptid from human discovery. These creatures are described much like bigfoot and sasquatch although often feature a white pelt of fur or hair rather than the brown or black of lower elevation reports. 


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Some believe the white coloration is seasonal for better camouflage in the snow and mountain-dwellers residing year round in snow may keep the white winter coat unlike their warmer-climate relatives. 

Despite decades of searching, definitive proof of the yeti’s existence has yet to be found. Nevertheless, reports of sightings and encounters continue to this day, with many people in mountainous regions claiming to have seen the creature or found evidence of its presence. These accounts range from footprints and hair samples to more dramatic sightings, such as the one captured in the blurry video footage from the Pyrenees Mountains. 

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