Man Claims Little Boy’s Ghost Damaged His Vehicle (VIDEO)

A man from Texas claims that a “mischievous child ghost” caused a shopping cart to fly at his car, and he believes he knows the ghost’s identity. Coby Todd, a 21-year-old from Pottsboro, Texas, recently went ghost hunting in a nearby town, as reported by SWNS.

The next day, when Todd was leaving work at a local supermarket outside Dallas, Texas, a shopping cart suddenly flew into his car.

Upon reviewing the security footage, Todd noticed that the cart appeared to be motionless before flipping around and heading straight for his vehicle.

Todd believes that the “little boy” spirit he sensed during his ghost hunting adventure followed him home and then to his workplace.

He thinks the spirit may have been trying to play with him, but the damage it caused was not playful. Todd said the damage upset him as he had just purchased the car for around $25,000.

Despite his colleagues suggesting that he was talking to the cart itself, Todd maintains that the incident was caused by a spirit. He expressed a desire to return to the ghost hunting house and communicate with the boy’s spirit, according to SWNS.

While the incident may seem unusual, it is not the first time that people have reported ghostly encounters. However, there is no scientific evidence to prove the existence of ghosts or their ability to manipulate physical objects. It is possible that there may be a more rational explanation for the incident, such as the cart being accidentally knocked over by a gust of wind that was not noticeable to Todd.

Regardless of what caused the incident, it is clear that Todd was upset by the damage to his car. He has not yet commented on whether he plans to seek compensation for the damages caused by the alleged ghostly encounter.

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