King Reveals His Secret Daughter

Former Spanish King Juan Carlos has a secret aristocrat daughter called Alejandra, a new book about the controversial royal claims. 

She was born at the end of the Seventies or start of the Eighties, is married with a child and has never staked her claim to the throne despite learning the truth about her real dad years ago, the two Spanish journalists who have written the book say.

Juan Carlos is said to have taken steps to ensure Spain’s current King Felipe VI and his secret daughter didn’t ‘fall in love’ without knowing they were related when they were younger – before he told Palace officials after they became adults.

Spanish news website El Confidencial, which published details of the book today before its release on May 8, said Alejandra ended up becoming an ‘open secret’ in the highest circles of power.

Alejandra’s existence is understood to have been confirmed by three people: an ex-lover of the former Spanish king, a long-standing businessman friend and one of her ex-boyfriends.

Saying she grew up in a ‘family of well-connected aristocrats’, El Confidencial added: ‘In sixties Spain, Alejandra’s mum stood out because of her liberal and progressive profile.

‘It was normal to see her in promotional and fashion events.’

‘Some sources claim Juan Carlos pulled strings to make sure her mother had work and a presence in the media.’

‘She appeared often in glossy magazines and struck up friendships with other habitual protagonists of the showbiz world, even becoming the muse of a famous haute couture designer.’

It also described her as someone Juan Carlos met when they were both young who he shared friends and a passion for hunting with.

Of Alejandra, it added in its coverage of the new book, written by Jose Maria Olmo and David Fernandez and called in Spanish: ‘King Corp, El Imperio nunca contado de Juan Carlos I’: ‘She’s never spoken about her secret.

‘She’s tall, slim and pretty. She has lent her image to several clothes and jewellery brands.

‘She is passionate about music, culture and travel and has formed her own family. Making public more information would put her discretion in danger.’

The bombshell claims come days after the 85-year-old former king, the recognised father of three grown-up children including Spain’s current king, flew to London from his Middle East bolthole.

He was pictured attending Real Madrid’s Champions League 2-0 win over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

He went on to spend several days in the Galician resort of Sanxenxo in only his second trip to Spain since his shock departure from the country and move to Abu Dhabi in August 2020.

At the time he was at the centre of corruption investigations in his homeland and a long-running legal battle , which is ongoing, with former lover Corinna zu Wittgenstein-Sayn.

She accused him of harassment and the case was heard by London’s Court of Appeal last year.

UK Court of Appeal judges ruled in December Juan Carlos, who reigned as King of Spain from 1975 to 2014 when he abdicated in favour of his son, had immunity for the period before he abdicated.

Her claim, launched in London’s High Court, will be heard at a trial expected to be later this year.

Spanish royal expert Pilar Eyre touched on the former Spanish king’s secret aristocratic daughter in December 2017, sparking a guessing game after telling an interviewer: ‘This person could be on a magazine front cover and has been in fact.’

Pilar made her explosive claim to well-known Spanish TV presenter Risto Mejide on a Sunday night programme on Spain’s Cuatro channel called ‘Chester in Love.’

She said to him: ‘You think Juan Carlos has three children don’t you, Felipe, Elena and Cristina?’

When he replied, ‘As far as I know, yes’, she retorted: ‘Well, maybe there’s not just three.’

As Risto stared at her open-mouthed, she continued: ‘Someone that nobody knows. From the aristocracy, who the public regards as the child of an important Spanish noble.’

Asked why the information had never come out, she added: ‘Because this person has a recognised set of parents.

‘Everyone in their circle of friends knows it and so does her mum of course and Juan Carlos.

‘When the name comes out, everyone is going to say they look really alike.’

Appearing to accidentally let slip that the ‘secret child’ was a woman, she added: ‘She’s a very well-known woman from a very well-known aristocratic family and the parents know full well who the real dad of this person is.’

At the time she never revealed the name of the woman.

Pilar Eyre made headline claims about Juan Carlos and Princess Diana in a book she published in 2012.

She said the Spanish royal made a pass at her during a holiday Diana and Charles spent with their son at the king’s summer palace in Majorca in 1986.

According to Eyre, the king made a ‘tactile’ advance to Diana, then just 25.

Diana herself denied anything untoward had happened but admitted that while the libidinous king was ‘charming’ he could be a ‘little too attentive.’

In an explosive book published in 2016 called ‘Juan Carlos: The King of 5,000 lovers’, Spanish society writer Amadeo Martinez Ingles dubbed the ex-king a sex addict and said he had hundreds of relationships even after marriage to Felipe’s mum Queen Sofia.

He claimed he had had 62 lovers in one six-month period alone, and in what Martinez Ingles called his ‘passionate period’ between 1976 and 1994, said he had slept with a staggering 2,154 women.

A Belgian housewife has claimed to be the daughter of Juan Carlos.

Ingrid Sartiau’s paternity claim was thrown out by Spain’s Supreme Court in 2015 after the ex-monarch’s lawyers appealed an earlier decision to study the case.

Spanish waiter Albert Sola also claimed around the same time as Ingrid that he was an illegitimate son of Juan Carlos – but his attempts to be recognised failed early on.

He died aged 66 last October after collapsing as he ordered a glass of wine at a bar in the town of La Bisbal d’Emporda near the Catalan city of Girona where he lived.

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