Police Set Up Trail Cam to Find Mountain Lion and Find Terrifying Image Instead

Whenever you put out a trail camera, you never know what you may see roaming around.

Deer, bears, mountain lions, hunters, zombies…

Or people pretending to be zombies.

According to Cowboy State Daily, Evansville, Wyoming police chief Mike Thompson had suspicions that a mountain lion was creeping around his town, so he decided to put out a trail camera to see if he could catch a glimpse of it.

Unfortunately, the mountain lion hasn’t made its appearance around the trail cam yet. However, he did manage to catch a terrifying creature pop up across the screen.

The camera caught a human figure, wearing what appears to be a terrifying looking zombie mask.

But, Evansville residents can sleep well at night, because that’s all it was… a mask.

And the culprit behind the prank? None other than the police chief himself.

Thompson told the outlet:

“That was the part of it being funny. We thought we could have some fun with it. The post was kind of a practical joke.

Last I looked, the post has reached about 36,000 people, so that’s pretty awesome.”

He said that the police department and fire department put on a haunted house and corn maze during Halloween time:

“We’re kind of known for scary things anyway. That was the mask I used in the haunted hay maze. People have responded to the post mostly in a positive way.

There have been a few negative comments, but most people appreciate it.”

Thompson said he got the idea after city maintenance crews began noticing antelope and deer carcasses in places where they shouldn’t be. They also noticed fresh mountain lion tracks, so they put the two and two together.

However, he couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to pull a joke on the community, and needless to say it worked.

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