Police Officer Faints on Live TV After Being Attacked by Hundreds of Bees (VIDEO)

Original Article – A Los Angeles volunteer police officer was just trying to mind his own business when he fell victim to hundreds of busy bees, all of which swarmed him, stung him, and caused him to pass out.

The unfortunate incident was captured by a Fox11 Skyfox news helicopter, showing the officer getting repeatedly stung before collapsing.

The footage revealed the man frantically trying to swat away the bees flying near his face, then losing his balance and falling to the ground. He laid motionless for a moment before struggling to return to his feet.

LAPD later issued a statement saying the officer was stung over a dozen times and was in the hospital in stable condition.


“This is not a normal behavior for these bees to be this angry, to want to kill you,” said Izak Kharrazi of All Valley Honey & Bee, an insect removal company called in to help with the situation told CBS News Los Angeles.

According to the LAPD, another man working on the outside of the house also suffered multiple stings.

Eventually, police told everyone to stay inside with doors and windows shut as bee handlers were brought in to erase the problem. The bees may have come from a large hive in a home in the neighborhood that was being renovated, reports suggest.

Experts say not to swat at bees when you’re feeling threatened, but instead to avoid them by running away.

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