Man Shocked After Human Finger Appears Out of His Wall Asking for Help (VIDEO)

Original Article – A bewildering bathroom break-in early Wednesday morning left residents of an apartment building in shock. 

Anthony Valdez, a renter in the building, was startled when he heard strange noises coming from the bathroom. 

“We heard some noise coming through the bathroom,” Valdez said.

The incident was captured on video and has since gone viral. 

Initially, Valdez thought the noise was the work of a rat or a prankster. 

“…[My roommate] thought that I was making a prank on him. So he started laughing and then he started recording because he thought it was a prank,” Valdez explained.

However, the situation took a stranger turn when Valdez spotted a person’s fingers desperately digging through the wall, claiming they had been kidnapped and needed help. 

Frightened, Valdez and his roommate decided not to engage with the person and instead waited for the police to arrive.

Miami Police arrived at the SW 10th Street and 3rd Avenue apartment building, initially treating the situation as a potential case of kidnapping.

However, upon further investigation, officers discovered that the individual was under the influence of drugs. 

“There was a towel that was wrapped around the handle, like holding the door shut,” said Miami Police Public Information Officer, Mike Vega.

Vega explained that the individual admitted to concocting a false story after using a mix of drugs that caused hallucinations. 

Officers interviewed other residents of the building and discovered that the individual was a guest at an illegal vacation rental.

The holes in the wall have since been patched up, but Valdez remains astonished by the experience. 

“I mean, you know, we didn’t know who was living next to us,” he said.

While police told reporters the individual committed a crime by breaking through apartment walls, investigators said whether charges will be filed in this bizarre case has yet to be determined as the investigation continues.


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