Elderly Man Forced to Have Surgery After Being Stung More Than 200 Times By Killer Bees

A man in Maysville, Kentucky, had to undergo surgery after surviving a swarm attack by killer bees, Fox 25 reported.

Carl Amos, 81, was mowing the lawn at his home off Highway 74 in Maysville early on Friday when he was attacked by what looked like a swarm of African killer bees, according to Fox 25.

Mr. Amos walked to the porch to grab a bug spray can, but there were too many bees that he had to run away from them, according to Fox 25.

“It was only a few bees and he thought that would take care of them,” said Amos’ wife, Barbara, who witnessed the scene. 

In an attempt to escape from the swarm, Mr. Amos panicked and broke his right hip. He lay down on the ground for the next three hours, according to Fox 25.

“He realized he was in trouble because more bees were coming and stinging and he couldn’t see and couldn’t move because his broken hip,” said Mrs. Amos.

The bees stung every inch of Mr. Amos’ unprotected skin on the neck and face, including small spaces like the insides of his ears, nose and eyelids, according to Fox 25.

A group of Burford Construction workers noticed Mr. Amos in pain and immediately called 911, where first responders scared the bees away with water.

Mr. Amos underwent surgery to repair the broken hip on Saturday. Doctors also attempted to remove all the stingers still attached to his skin, according to Fox 25.

They expect Mr. Amos to recover fully, but it will take some time since he was stung more than 200 times.

“After all this, he is in good spirits but it will be a long road to recovery. He will require therapy to get back on his feet,” Amos’ daughter Heather Garvey said.

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