Wild Goat Pushes Tourist Off a Cliff Before Attacking Another (Video)

A tourist has been pushed off a cliff and another has been knocked unconscious after a rowdy wild goat attack.

Three travellers were hiking through the Alpujarra hills of Granada, southern Spain, when they came across an Iberian ibex.

While the animal already looks intimidating, their breeding period makes them a far more formidable force.

The peak birthing time is mid-May, according to the Daily Mail, meaning this ibex could have been trying to protect its nearby young when it stumbled upon the tourists.

Murcia Today reports the animal pushed a 64-year-old Dutch woman off a cliff and then rounded on the remaining two Belgians.

One of them was knocked unconscious in the melee.

Credit: MELBA PHOTO AGENCY / Alamy Stock Photo

A local farmer came across these two and called emergency services to get them treated by a rescue helicopter.

However, the mission to find and rescue the Dutch woman who was pushed off a cliff was much harder.

She had fallen down an embankment and was around 50 meters from the bottom.

The woman radioed for help and was told to stay put until people could arrive and assess the situation.

A team was dispatched to the region on the day of the ibex attack, however, was called off due to bad weather.

They eventually found her the following day, but were unable to winch her to safety due to the inclement weather.

It wasn’t until the day after that that they were able to get her to a hospital.

The rescue team managed to carry her up through a ravine on horseback and she was transferred to San Cecilio Clinical Hospital in Granada.

She was suffering two broken wrists and battled hypothermia during the two cold nights in the Alpujarra hills.

There have been many reports of humans getting injured by animals when getting too close.

Two women made lucky escapes when visiting Yellowstone National Park after brazenly trying to pet and take selfies with a bison.


A tourist somehow plucked up the courage to reach her hand out to the large bovine, but was shocked when the animal bucked its head and almost gored her with its horn.

In another incident, a different woman recklessly gets up close and personal with the animal for a selfie.

In case it wasn’t clear, bison are not animals you want too friendly with.

According to the National Park Service, it’s certainly possible to share a landscape with the enormous creatures – but only if you keep your distance.

Basically, they’ll mind their business if you mind yours.

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  1. People are so stupid! No common sense. These animals have been ‘disturbed, played with, teased etc…by idiot tourists. Leave them alone! Don’t get in their face with cameras! Do you people have a brain?

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