Man Discovers ‘Crime Scene’ in the Desert (Video)

A man who was out digging in the Utah desert is convinced he’s discovered a ‘crime scene’ after coming across an abandoned backpack and guitar.

Ryan, shared a video to TikTok in which he showed viewers the discovery he had made whilst on an archaeological site.

Ryan exclaimed: “Utah, what the heck? What is this?” when he came across the unusual discovery.

A broken up travelling bag had been left on the ground next to a guitar.

Ryan said: “Talk about random s**t, I don’t even know what to think.”

Moving the camera onwards, he showed a backpack that had seemingly been discarded down a ravine.

Further along the path, Ryan finds clothes that were partially covered by the sand, noting that it was a ‘creepy’ discovery.

Ryan came across a discarded guitar in the desert. Credit: TikTok/ry_of_the_desert

In the description for the video, posted May 22nd, Ryan told his followers: “This is the strangest thing I’ve ever found out in the desert.

I was out researching an archaeological site when I happened across this scene. Very, creepy.”


@ry_of_the_desert This is the strangest thing ive ever found out in the desert. I was out researching an archaeological site when i happened across this scene. Very, creepy. #weird #hiking #utah #fypシ #fyp #adventure #utahhisory #lookingforadventure #backpacking #utaharchaeology #crimescene #whatthehell ♬ original sound – Ryan

And just in case you thought Ryan was masking his feelings, he describes the scene as ‘very weird’ at least a dozen times in the video.

I can’t say I disagree with him.

In a follow up video, Ryan gave an update to his followers.

Ryan said: “Within 48 hours of posting that video, I was contacted by a family member of a man who was missing, who’d gone missing a year and a half ago.”

“Not too far from here actually.”

“I sent all my photos off to this family. As a side note, I did contact the authorities. I know a bunch of you guys were really worried about that.”

The family that Ryan was in contact with were adamant that the items pictured belonged to their relative.

Ryan continued: “I believed them. I was on board. Completely on board.

“So really it was just a matter of getting confirmation.”

Detectives came in to do field work and through the family, Ryan learned that the identity of the missing person.

Ryan said: “The owner of those items happened to be Jordan Boone.”

“I know that name has been dropped a few times, but I’m confirming it.”

“Moving forward, I’m here to figure out where he went.”

“I don’t know why he was out here, but I know he was here.”

“I hope I can provide enough information to satisfy your guys’ thirst for knowledge.”

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