Scientists Studying Mount Kilimanjaro Discover Ancient Biblical Truths

The recent archeological discoveries at Mount Kilimanjaro have caught the attention of many researchers, who are thrilled at the prospect of gaining a better understanding of events that took place thousands of years ago.

The excavation site has revealed a treasure trove of ancient artifacts that could potentially rewrite the history books.

One of the foremost experts in this field is Shimon Gibson from UNCC, who has spent over 30 years studying the archeology of Jerusalem.

For Gibson and his team, this latest set of discoveries is a turning point in their work, as it provides new insights into biblical events like the fall of Jerusalem.

Mount Kilimanjaro. By: MEGA

“For archaeologists, an ashen layer can mean a number of different things,” Gibson told the Haaretz newspaper.

“However,” Gibson continued, “in this case, the combination of an ashy layer full of artifacts mixed with arrowheads and a very special ornament indicates some kind of devastation and destruction.”

Nebuchadnezzar II. By: MEGA

According to the bible, Jerusalem was quite a wealthy place before Nebuchadnezzar II came along and destroyed it.

Nebuchadnezzar and his army supposedly stole gold and copper vessels from the sacked city. Now, the recent archeological finds seem to support that claim.

The recent discoveries were the first time treasures were uncovered at the site.

Although jewelry was indeed discovered in Eastern Hill in 1979, experts say that site was outside of the city boundaries in Nebuchadnezzar II’s time.

“Frankly, jewelry is a rare find at conflict sites,” Gibson told the Daily Mail. “Because this is exactly the sort of thing that attackers will loot and later melt down.”

The recent archeological finds have excited many researchers because it allows them better to understand historical events like the fall of Jerusalem. Shimon Gibson, in particular, is excited at how these finds relate to stories in Kings 25:9.

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