Woman Suffers with ‘Third Arm’ Coming Out of Her Back (Video)

A woman with a ‘third arm’ growing out of her back has already had surgery to have it removed, but it actually grew back more painful.

Dr. Pimple Popper’s latest patient on this series of the TLC reality program is seeking help for the painful lump hanging on her back.

Cosmetic surgeon and dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee is no stranger to lumps and bumps, having seen the likes of a woman who went to a wizard for help with a ‘third boob’ growing on her shoulder, and a lady with maggots in her toes.

She has elsewhere helped a man with 400 tumors all over his body, and another with a cyst behind his head that he calls his ‘evil twin’.

But this patient has already sought help before, only to find that her bump grew back.

In a preview clip, she says: ‘It just kind of hangs there, it’s about four inches, and kind of feels squishy.

‘At times it does feel like there may be a third arm coming out of my back.’

As the clip goes on to show the growth protruding and hanging from her skin, she goes on to explain: ‘Shortly after I was born, I was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder that causes bumps to grow inside and outside of the body.

‘When I first noticed the bump at around 17 years old, it was not nearly as big as what it was now, and I had surgery to get it removed.’

However, just ‘a few years later,’ the growth was back.

She says: ‘When the growth came back this time, it started causing more pain than it did before, so I started making appointments with my neurologist.

‘I really just wanted the pain to be gone, and he said, well there’s no guarantee that removing this will remove the pain, and he just didn’t want to do it.’

‘So over the next 10 years, I kept going to doctor after doctor.’

She was given ‘the same excuses’ each time, and heartbreakingly admits she got ‘absolutely nowhere’.

This comes after the patient was warned that she may not be able to have it removed, because she can ‘feel’ the growth.

In a previous teaser, she explained: ‘I have a really painful bump on my back.

‘It’s almost like there’s a third arm. It makes me feel really insecure.’

She continued: ‘It makes me feel like I’m not a person at all.’

Dr. Lee then explained how ‘serious’ the ‘plexiform’ is, which is a tumor that forms in the tissue covering nerves.

According to the NHS, surgeries to remove these types of tumors can be ‘more challenging’.


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