Moose Killed After Wandering into Connecticut Airport (Video)

Environmental officials killed moose in Connecticut after it wandered onto the grounds of a major airport.

The moose was spotted Friday morning wandering along a road at Bradley International Airport. Officials decided to put the animal down, citing safety concerns for air travelers and drivers along a nearby highway.

“When moose are roaming in high-traffic areas such as airports and public roadways it can be a public safety concern and both DEEP and airport staff are authorized to euthanize a moose if deemed necessary,” James Fowler a spokesman for the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection said in a statement.

The animal never breached the perimeter fence that protects the airport’s runways, and no flights were affected. The animal had not been injured. It’s unclear why the animal could not be moved. DEEP did not immediately respond to a request for additional comment Sunday.

The DEEP estimates there are between 100-150 moose in Connecticut.

Airport spokeswoman Alisa Sisic said officials constantly monitor threats from wildlife in the area and “have comprehensive strategies to ensure that the airport is prepared to handle any wildlife-related situations.”

Bradley International Airport is New England’s second-largest airport, behind only Logan in Boston and serves Connecticut and western Massachusetts.

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