Dan Crenshaw Pops Out Glass Eye at Congressional Soccer Match (Video)

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) may have gone scoreless in Tuesday night’s Congressional Soccer Match, but he had a highlight for the ages.

After the Republican team beat the Democrats 4-2, Crenshaw made a point to pan the referees as his team hoisted the winners’ trophy.

“The refs, they have two eyeballs, but they don’t use them,” Crenshaw said.

“So, I’m just going to give them one of mine.”

The congressman then popped out his glass eyeball and tossed it into the trophy with a clank—much to the disturbance of his teammates, who recoiled and turned away. “This is for the refs,” Crenshaw said.

“There we go. That’s for the referees. They didn’t call a PK right there.” Crenshaw lost his eye in 2012 after being injured by an explosive device while on tour as U.S. Navy Seal in Afghanistan.


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