Shark That Ate Russian Swimmer in Egypt Will Be Placed in a Museum

Museum specialists in Egypt are mummifying the shark that savagely ate a Russian man swimming at a popular resort beach so that the monstrous predator can be put on display.

Specialists at the Institute of Marine Sciences and the Red Sea Reserves began the embalming process of the animal on Monday, local outlet Al Arabiya reported.

Once the process is completed, the mummified shark will be on display in the institute’s museum.

Body parts belonging to the man who was ravaged, Vladimir Popov, were discovered inside the animal, confirming to authorities they had captured the shark that was involved in Thursday’s attack near the Elysees Dream Beach Hotel at the popular beach resort, Hurghada.

Horrifying video footage of the attack shows Popov, 23, splashing frantically in the ocean before getting dragged underwater as fearful onlookers cry out for help.

Museum specialists extracted half of the Russian man’s body from inside the shark, including his head, chest, and arms. Soon after the accident, fishermen found the other half of his remains out at sea.

The shark nearly consumed all of Popov’s body, but discarded the second half after noticing a fishermen’s boat attempting to come to the scene and help the man.

After pulling the lower half of Popov’s body out of the water, the fisherman chased the shark and caught it in order to have specialists in Hurghada analyze and dissect it.

Officials are hoping that by analyzing the shark they might be able to come up with a plan to prevent other ones from attacking beach-goers.

According to Al Arabiya, Governor of the Red Sea Major General Amr Hanafi is looking into installing nets at some beaches, hotels, and tourist villages in order to prevent sharks from reaching swimmers.

Initial reports claimed that Popov was a Russian tourist, however, Russia’s consul general in Hurghada confirmed Popov had been living in Egypt for several months.

Popov’s girlfriend reportedly managed to escape the water unscathed as bystanders unsuccessfully tried to save him.

The slain man’s father said the pair had “gone to the beach to relax” when all of a sudden, his son “was attacked by a shark.”

The attack left beachgoers stunned, with many waiting to bludgeon the shark to death after a fisherman dragged it ashore.

Video of the scene shows the group horrifically beating the animal, and it concludes with the cameraman even posing for a selfie as the savage scene unfolds in the background.

Tourists and beachgoers gathered around the savage creature, some even taking selfies with it.

It’s unclear if the shark that ate Popov was involved in any other reported incidents in the area.

Though shark attacks are rare in the Red Sea coastal regions, last year, sharks killed two women — an Austrian and a Romanian — just days apart in the same popular tourist location.

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