Terrifying Footage Shows Man Stuck Inside a Water Slide (Video)

When it comes to water parks, it’s always a good time sliding down the plastic tubes at speed and feeling like a child once more – however, sometimes things didn’t go exactly to plan.

Most would expect a slide to get you from A to B pretty quickly, given that the water helps us to whizz down to the end.

But not for one guy who ended up getting stuck in the middle of the slide and can be seen in the viral TikTok clip crawling around in the small tube to find his way out.

In the video, @jamii.talib sported a wetsuit and had his arms crossed against his chest as he stood upright before the floor dropped beneath him as he slid down the slide rapidly.

Though around seven seconds in, he suddenly comes to a halt halfway down the slide, before proceeding to gain momentum as he slid back down the way he came before he got stuck again.

He can then be seen with an alarmed look on his face as he attempted to crawl in the tight space to get further down the slide to the exit and can also be heard shouting for help.

Fortunately, his cries were heard as suddenly the top half of the slide opened (probably an emergency door) as a staff member then helped him get out of the slide.


@jamii.talib 1st dengan last la aku main benda alah ni ! sangkut mad 😂 TRAUMATIZE 😂 #escapepark #outdooractivities #escapeparkpenang #superlooperescapepark ♬ original sound – Jami R one

Since sharing his water slide fail, the TikTok has received 43.1m views, 1.5m likes and over 13,000 comments from people who expressed their concern at this ever happening to them.

One person said: “New fear unlocked.”

“My claustrophobia can’t deal this,” another person wrote.

A third person added: ” I panicked and it wasn’t even me stuck.”

“No I would be crying so bad, I have a phobia of being in a small space,” a fourth person replied.

Someone else commented: “Thank God they have that door there.”

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