Man, 35, Looks Like a 14-Year-Old – Carries Birth Certificate at All Times

A 35-year-old man has left the internet stunned after revealing his real age, as many thought he was 20 years younger due to his ageless look.

Denis Vashurin is used to people having this reaction, as he’s often mistaken for a 14-year-old boy, which is why he always needs to carry his birth certificate with him.

However, not everyone has accepted this as proof straight away, leading to some uncomfortable situations.

The travel blogger from Russia explained: “There were moments with the traffic police, as the inspector was surprised looking at [my] documents. But after all, he must obey the law.”

Denis rose to fame two-and-a-half years ago after being interviewed about his appearance, and people have been fascinated ever since.

He has over the years learned to embrace his youthful looks, but he’s also had to deal with some insulting comments from people.

On a recent Instagram post, one person asked: “Are you really 35 or are you joking?”

Another remarked: “Benjamin Buttonn!!!!”

However, Denis said: “I have never been [bullied] in my life because of my appearance, but there are bad comments with insults.

“Everyone has haters and most often they are evil and unhappy people.

“At my age, people react differently – some are very surprised, but after talking for a couple of minutes, they no longer notice.”

At the young age of four Denis noticed there was something different about his looks, and since then he’s had a bizarre inability to age.

He claims he’s visited many hospitals in search for an answer – but he’s never had an explanation for his Benjamin Button tendencies.

Despite not knowing the reason for his youthful appearance, Denis says he’s very happy. He added: “I don’t consider happiness to be different, but the minuses can be turned into pluses.

“It depends on the person, fortitude and ability to arrange their lives.”

Denis says the main thing is his “health, not appearance” – but like everyone he doesn’t want to get old.

He added: “But nature is such that everything and everyone has their time”.

He now spends his time travelling and often posts of his adventures on Instagram where he has almost 20,000 followers.

Denis also loves spending time with his girlfriend, who he says has “never been obsessed with my age or appearance”.

Many of his social media followers are kind, with one person recently commenting: “Denis, I respect you for your character and love for life in a broad view, good luck.”

Another added: “You don’t look 35, but you don’t look like a kid either; you look like a man.”

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