Massive Sinkhole Reopens After Swallowing Screaming Man Whose Body Was Never Found

A killer sinkhole in Florida that swallowed a man in 2013 reopened on Monday, according to officials. It’s the third time the hole has opened. 

Hillsborough County officials say they received a call at around 4:30 pm about the sinkhole reopening and fire crews, along with deputies, were called out to the site.  

The 100ft hole swallowed 36-year-old Jeffrey Bush in 2013. He has not been seen since.

Jeffrey was asleep in his bedroom at the time when the hole opened and the floor collapsed beneath him.

The missing man’s brother, Jeremy, said it took only seconds to race to his brother’s room and jump into the hole, but the dirt was quickly rising to neck level and Jeffrey was nowhere to be seen. 

As there has been no sign of Jeffrey since that day, he is presumed dead. 

In 2013, shortly after the incident, the sinkhole was remediated using a method designed to minimize danger to surrounding areas by containing any future reopening to the original location and preventing expansion of the opening. 

The county remediated the sinkhole for the second time in 2015 after it reopened again. 

It’s located on a county conservation property at 240 Faithway Drive in Seffner. The site is closed to the public and secured with two layers of fencing. 

Jon-Paul Lavandeira, Hillsborough’s Code Enforcement Division Director, said there is no evidence the 12 feet by 12 feet hole grew overnight and said it’s not uncommon for a sinkhole to reopen like this. 

He said: “This is not uncommon what we’re seeing out here with reoccurrences. It’s actually the preferred way of doing it. The way we handled it the first time. The way we filled it. 

“That way when there’s a reoccurrence it’s in a controlled area like you see behind me with the double fences so we can kind of control the situation.”

Lavandeira says there are several ways to fill a sinkhole and one of the ways is with gravel and liquid, which is flexible and if there is a reoccurrence it will reoccur at that point.

He said: “The depression isn’t going to find another place to try and meander.

“It will stay right there and it’s the easiest point of attack, so that’s really the best situation in this scenario. We can actually control when and if there is a recurrence.”

He added: “This is something that is out of all of our control. This is a Mother Nature thing. This isn’t a man-made scenario, but we do have a plan in place. 

“We have the right experts in place. This is under control. There is a reason why there are double fences where this thing is.” 

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  1. The problem is that they are building too many homes and covering the ground with roads that are now re-directing all the rain water to areas causing these sinkholes. Similar to digging a hole in the beach and watching it fill with water and the sand collapses and the hole increases in size.

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