Thirty Sheep Found Dead with Eyes and Brains Removed, Chupacabra Blamed

Thirty sheep were recently found dead with two tiny holes in their heads, no eyes and no brains on two separate farms in Peru. Locals suspect that a chupacabra may be to blame.

Which makes sense, if you think about it, because for those unfamiliar with Spanish, chupacabra literally means “goat-sucker.”

The sheep were killed in Ocobamba, Peru on the land of two farmers, Emelia Ruiz Santos and Segundina Quispe de Palomino, the Mirror reports.

Emelia reported 16 sheep had been killed, while Segundina informed the National Agricultural Health Service that 14 were dead on his property.

“This has shocked the entire population,” said District mayor Henry Vílchez Arango.

Local authorities originally thought a puma was behind the killings, but the chupacabra theory has been gaining steam with area residents.

Coincidentally, earlier this month a creature was photographed in Hill Country Village, Texas that also sparked concerns of a chupacabra in the area.

This particular creature was photographed by Tina Kahlig, who then reported the sighting on social media, asking people if they knew what it was. Some believed it to be some sort of dog or coyote, while others went the chupacabra route.

Chupacabras usually come in one of two forms: either a reptile-like creature or a mysterious breed of wild dog.

They are most often seen in Puerto Rico, Latin America and the Southwestern United States, though chupacabras have also been reported as far north as Maine and as far east as Florida.

The first reported attack by a chupacabra happened in March of 1995. In that attack, eight sheep were found dead in Puerto Rico, each with three puncture wounds in the chest area and completely drained of blood.

Retroactively, a chupacabra was then also blamed for a series of livestock killings in the Moca, Puerto Rico that took place in 1975.

The first known eyewitness sighting of a chupacabra occurred in August of 1995 when a woman named Madelyne Tolentino and her mother claimed to have seen the creature in front of their house in Canóvanas, Puerto Rico.

In April of 2023, authorities in Texas were left baffled by a similar mystery involving six cows being found dead and surgically mutilated along the same highway and spread out over three different counties.

While chupacabras were not blamed for that bizarre attack, it did lead to speculation that aliens were the culprits.

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