Couple Are Cousins But Refuse to Break up 3-year Marriage: ‘I wish we were joking’

The couple was told they looked alike before, and now it’s pretty clear as to why in a viral TikTok.

A married Utah couple claimed they are actually cousins and don’t plan on ending their marriage, according to the Daily Mail.

Tylee and Nick Waters said they have been married for three years, but somehow had no idea they were from the same family tree.

“I wish I was kidding,” the video, which has been viewed over 5.7 million times, captioned.

The video starts out with Nick wrapping one arm around his supposed cousin-wife Tylee, as they share a kiss to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s iconic tune “Sweet Home Alabama.”

Viewers flooded the comment section and demanded a follow-up vid from the couple to explain how they are related.

“What in the Alabama is goin on?” one viewer joked.

“Okay but now we need to hear the story time !” a different commenter pleaded.

“But like how close of cousins? First, second, tenth? Lol,” another curious person asked.

Even more bizarre was the amount of similar “kissing cousins” stories people shared in the comment section.

“Same thing happened to us , married for 3 years with a kid and then found out we’re 5th cousins once removed,” one user shockingly revealed.

“My hubby and I have been married for 33 years and we recently found out that we are distant cousins,” one woman commented.”

The Utah couple revealed in a “silly facts” video they share the same birthday and also admitted they were told they look alike.

However, the pair never explained how they are related, and neither did they spill the beans on how they found out.

“I just need to know if you’re kidding or not. I need the algorithm to bring me back to the story time,” one commenter replied in the last follow-up video.

“That’s disgusting… we are not going to take incest relationships and try and make them normal.. both of you need therapy,” an angry replier voiced.

A different Utah couple experienced a similar outcome, documenting that they found out they were third cousins after they had gotten married.

Marcella Hill found out about the shocking development when she and her husband looked at their family trees for baby name ideas, she revealed on TikTok.

That’s when Hill and her husband realized their grandparents had the same first and last names.

“So he calls his grandma and I call my grandpa and we ask them if they know each other … Sure enough — ‘Sure!’” Hill recalled the relatives’ answers.

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