End of The World ‘Nearly Here’

Claims that the end of the world is nearly here have been made due to three unusual happenings.

The first of these concerning happenings was the birth of the first ‘red heifer in 2,000 years’ in Israel. The creature features in “end of time” tales in both the Christian and Jewish faiths. The news was followed by claims stating that fish and other forms of life are rapidly filling sinkholes in the Dead Sea, reports the Mirror.

According to Hebrew prophet Ezekiel, the end of the world as we know it foresees the see -a hypersaline environment, with a reported 37 percent salinity – flourishing into life.

With this in mind, a Dead Sea Revival Project photojournalist has suggested that coming to the body of water, “the lowest point on earth, you see prophecy coming true.”

The third concerning occurrence saw a snake being filmed slithering out of Israel’s Western Wall. The reptile interrupted prayers as it slithered through, with the footage showing the snake scaring away a pigeon.

Watching the clip, some people on the internet have deemed this a sign that a prophecy about the Messiah’s coming will soon be fulfilled.

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