Jeffrey Dahmer’s Dad Asked Son’s Darkest Fantasy in Chilling Newly Released Tapes

In a never-before-heard tape of a conversation between serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and his father, the notorious monster was asked what his earliest ‘disturbing’ fantasy was.

Even decades after his death in 1994, Dahmer, who was nicknamed the ‘Milwaukee Monster’ continues to fascinate, horrify, and capture the public imagination.

Dahmer committed the murders of 17 men and boys during a murder spree that lasted from 1978 until his arrest in 1991.

More than that, the nature of his crimes was so truly shocking that the memory has endured to this day.

He raped and dismembered his victims – one of them was only 14-years-old – and also committed necrophilia, cannibalism, and kept trophies of his victims.

Upon his capture, police found photographs of mangled corpses in his home, as well as a severed head in the fridge.

It’s understandable why this case still continues to attract attention, even after Dahmer was killed by a fellow prison inmate in 1994.

Now, a new show on Fox Nation probes newly-released phone conversations between the killer and his father, Lionel Dahmer.

Jeffrey Dahmer and his father Lionel. Credit: Fox Nation
Jeffrey Dahmer and his father Lionel. Credit: Fox Nation

The recordings – according to one participant on the show – depict a ‘father looking for answers’, although Lionel himself admits to having some strange thoughts in his own youth, though he was ‘never caught’.

At one stage in the tapes, Lionel Dahmer asks: “What was the very first fantasy, I was wondering that you could remember having which you thought to yourself was kind of odd or disturbing?”

He adds: “I had weird thoughts too, in my childhood,

“You’re just like me, Jeff.”

Lionel also states: “Amazingly all the times I should’ve been caught, I never was.”

It’s not clear what he is referring to there, but we have to assume that it’s nothing like the atrocities that his son was convicted of.

The four-part series claims to offer a ‘new insight into one of the world’s most infamous string of crimes’ and features Dahmer family’s home videos, as well as the audio tapes and interviews with others connected to the case.

Jeffrey Dahmer murdered 17 men and boys during a spree spanning decades. Credit: Milwaukee Sheriff's Department
Jeffrey Dahmer murdered 17 men and boys during a spree spanning decades. Credit: Milwaukee Sheriff’s Department

Those other interviews include Dahmer’s high school friend, members of law enforcement in Milwaukee, and even a survivor of Dahmer, Ronald Flowers.

In a press release about the show, Fox Nation President Jason Klarman said: “The Jeffrey Dahmer case has captivated the public for over three decades and now with these exclusive tapes released for the very first time, viewers will hear from Dahmer in his own words and get insight into his relationship with his father.”

The show is called My Son Jeffrey: The Dahmer Family Tapes and it premieres on Fox Nation on September 18.

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