Oscar Mayer Brings Back Iconic and Unforgettable ‘Wienermobile’

A little over four months after Oscar Mayer announced that its iconic Wienermobile would be referred to as the “Frankmobile,” the company is returning to its roots and changing the name back.

“It was a franktastic summer celebrating our 100% beef franks with the Frankmobile from coast to coast,” Kelsey Rice, an associate director at Oscar Mayer, told Fox News Digital. However, “like many of you,” she added, “we miss our original icon. Kicking off last week, we’re welcoming back the Wienermobile,” she said. 

In May, the company — based in Chicago since 2015 — announced that the vehicle would have a name change for the first time in the 87 years of the Wienermobile.

“The Wienermobile is a beloved American icon that has been sparking smiles and driving craveability for our iconic delicious wieners for nearly 100 years,” said Stephanie Vance, an associate brand manager at Oscar Mayer, in a May 17 press release. 

“This summer, it’s time to highlight another fan-favorite: our delicious 100% beef franks,” she said. 

At the time of the initial name change, a spokesperson for Oscar Mayer told FOX Business that the brand wanted to see if the rebrand “cuts the mustard with its fans.”

The original Wienermobile was the brainchild of Carl Mayer, nephew of founder Oscar Mayer, says the company’s website.

In 1936, Carl Mayer “came up with the idea of a 13- foot metal hot dog on wheels to transport the company spokesperson.”

General Body Company of Chicago made the first Wienermobile. It “featured open cockpits in the center and rear.”  

Four years later, the Wienermobile received safety upgrades in the form of a glass enclosure for the driver and passengers, said the website. 

During World War II, the Wienermobile was briefly retired due to gas rationing. 

Since its debut, the Wienermobile has undergone various structural and safety changes, says its website.

The fleet of six Wienermobiles travels the country to promote Oscar Mayer, and their locations can be tracked on the Oscar Mayer website.

Those hired to drive the Wienermobile are known as “Hotdoggers,” according to the website. 

The job application posted on Oscar Mayer’s Wienermobile page says that Hotdoggers are hired on a full-time basis for a period of one year.

In addition to driving duties, “Hotdoggers” are brand ambassadors for Oscar Mayer. They must have an “appetite for adventure and are willing to see the country through the windshield of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.” 

“Wienermobile vehicles travel through all regions of the country visiting big cities and small towns alike, bringing miles of smiles to millions,” says Oscar Mayer’s homepage.

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  1. To be accurate, my Uncle Jack Macdonald was the inventor of the Weinermoble. He was an advertisement executive for Oscar Mayer. Since he worked for Oscar Mayer, he couldn’t claim any credit so nephew took the credit.

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