Man’s Testicles Lost in His Abdomen After ‘Traumatic’ Motorcycle Crash

An Italian motorcyclist was left in excruciating pain after a motorcycle crash dislodged his testicle and sent it up into his body, as detailed in a balls-deep study in BMJ Case Reports.

“We present the case of a man who suffered a traumatic dislocation of the right testis in the abdomen after a motorcycle crash,” the authors wrote in the wince-worthy account.

The rare and traumatic event reportedly occurred after the unidentified 20-something patient got into a motorcycle accident in Italy, which caused his right genitalia to become dislocated.

The impact reportedly forced the gonad out of the scrotum and through the inguinal canal — a small passageway in the groin — before it finally settled in the abdomen, LiveScience reported.

The patient subsequently reported to the hospital, where it was revealed that he had a large mass of clotted blood in the scrotum, preventing medics from properly examining his errant genitals.

After stemming the hemorrhage and draining the reservoir of blood, doctors tended to the unfortunate soul’s other injuries, which included a serious pelvic fracture.

They also checked to make sure that the urinary tract had not sustained any damage in the freak accident.

A subsequent CT scan helped locate the displaced testicle, which had traveled far afield into his right abdomen, as seen in stomach-churning X-ray photos.

A CT scan of the man's abdomen following the accident.
The impact forced the man’s right testicle through a passage in the groin and into his abdomen.

Doctors then warmed the oxygen-deprived organ, before locking it back into socket via a procedure called an orchidopexy (often used to treat children whose testicles don’t fully descend during development), LiveScience reported.

Six months after the accident, the man’s equipment had returned to normal and didn’t impact his hormone and semen production — as can, unfortunately, be the case with such extra-scrotal excursions.

Going balls to the intestinal wall is exceedingly rare.

Of the instances of motorcycle-induced testicular displacement — which comprise 80% of total cases — only 6% of them saw the genitals make it all the way to the abdomen.

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