Alien Crop Circle From May Eeirly Predicted Saturday’s Solar Eclipse

Planet “Earth” in this new Italian crop picture has been drawn as an open-circular “white ring”, because that is how the Sun will be seen from Earth during an October 14, 2023 solar eclipse, which will be of the “annular” variety (shown in the slide above at lower right).  

Their symbol for “Moon” is mostly dark, so as to match a real eclipse-simulation, in which our “Sun” appears as a bright crescent (shown above at upper left).   A small “white circle”, drawn in crops at the outer edge of our “Sun”, may be meant to represent “Baily beads”, often seen during a solar eclipse (see eclipse observer ).  

The shadow of “totality” for a solar eclipse over central America, the heartland of ancient Mayan culture, seems VERY RARE. Thus the appearance of this new crop picture may be a portent of important events to come.  

–Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) From Crop Circle Connector

Here’s the article from May:

A mysterious episode in the countryside of Capriano del Colle, in the Lower Brescia, a few kilometers south of the capital. A reader who spends every morning on the Montenetto with his bicycle reported seeing a geometric design in a field that seems to be a crop circle. Circular geometries that can hardly have been produced by a tractor.

The inspection with the drone

To better understand what it is, our Filippo Venezia has carried out an aerial inspection, he tilting his professional drone: from above the effect is decidedly surprising and very spectacular.

Circles and rings

It is a very wide circle, at least sixty meters in diameter, which contains a ring in relief and a circle in relief with a semicircle in the part tangent to the highest circumference, as well as the one that finally looks like a large point in relief.

Mystery or a hoax?

Mystery or a hoax? Was it man’s hand or, as the most imaginative theories claim, are these phenomena to be attributed to the landing of some alien spaceship? Of course, let’s joke. The fact is that at the moment no one has yet denounced himself. Very difficult, not to say impossible, that it is a natural phenomenon, due to the wind, the rain, the hail: the precision of the geometries indicates rather the joke of a good time or an artistic installation: we will be investigated.

The circle is located in the area of Cascina San Michele, near Via Giulietta. A few years ago a similar incident had taken place in Bagnolo Mella.

(article translated from Italian)

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