Two Bone Chilling Roads in South Carolina Labeled America’s Most Haunted

Greenville’s Fleetwood Drive has gained notoriety as one of America’s most haunted roads, according to RV Trader.

The road earned its reputation during the 2016 nationwide clown-sighting craze. Reports surfaced of clowns attempting to lure children into the nearby forest, dressed in circus clown attire and white face paint.

Witnesses recounted unsettling incidents, including a woman’s son spotting clowns at 8:30 p.m. and another person waving at a clown near a dumpster.

Alarming accounts from children in the neighborhood near Old Augusta Road described clowns in the woods enticing them with large sums of money.

The situation became so concerning that the manager of Fleetwood Manor Apartments issued a warning to residents, advising them to contact the police if they witnessed any strange sightings.

This unsettling trend didn’t remain confined to Greenville. The phenomenon of creepy clown sightings quickly spread across the country, with clowns watching, stalking, and even chasing pedestrians.

Fleetwood Drive isn’t the only haunted road in Upstate South Carolina; RV Trader also mentioned Cherokee Falls Bridge in Blacksburg. According to legend, the bridge is haunted by a figure known as Booger Jim.

As the story goes, Booger Jim went mad and began attacking people until one victim pushed him off the bridge. If you call out “Booger Jim” three times on the bridge at night, it is said that you can hear his ghost moaning from the waters below.

These eerie tales have contributed to the haunted reputation of these South Carolina roads, making them intriguing yet chilling destinations for those intrigued by the supernatural.

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