Famous Cat With TWO Noses is Put Up For Adoption

Cats are famously said to have nine lives. But one cat has become famous for another numerical reason – its two noses.

The “one-of-a-kind” double-snouted moggy has been taken in by Cats Protection’s Warrington Adoption Centre.

Staff at the center in Cheshire, have named her Nanny McPhee – after the fictional film character with a distinctively shaped nose.

Staff initially believed the four-year-old feline had one large nose.

However, a check-up from veterinary staff revealed it to be two.

“A cat with two noses is a first for us in the field vet team,” says Fiona Brockbank, a senior field veterinary officer at Cats Protection.

“This is a real rarity and, thankfully, it isn’t causing her any problems at all.”

Ms Brockbank says Nanny McPhee has what doctors call a “congenital malformation”.

These conditions are commonly referred to as “birth defects” because they develop inside the womb.

However, staff at the center have described Nanny McPhee’s malformation as particularly rare.

“Other congenital malformations within that area of a cat, such as a cleft lip and cleft palate, are not uncommon,” Ms Brockbank says.

“They can either be inherited or due to an incident whilst developing in the uterus.”

Nanny McPhee – who was given up due to her previous owner’s ill health and financial situation – is now looking to settle in a home with a loving family.

Centre manager, Lindsay Kerr, said: “We have all fallen in love with our one-of-a-kind Nanny McPhee. We can’t stop looking at her two noses.

“She has proven to be a gentle lady who adores a fuss and a cuddle and we are hopeful her new-found fame will mean she will have no shortage of potential adopters.

“She really does deserve a home where she can settle down and become the centre of a loving family.”

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