Pole Dancing Skeleton Causes Uproar in Small Town (Video)

A resident of Grantsville, Utah was told to take down his cheeky Halloween display by city officials

Residents of Grantsville, Utah are buzzing over another local’s hilarious Halloween display. 

According to an Instagram post shared by local news outlet The Ogdenite, city officials of the Utah town were not happy with one resident’s cheeky skeleton set up outside of their home. 

In the screenshot originally posted by Grantsville City’s official Facebook account, which has since been deleted, a skeleton can be seen hanging from a street sign while two other skeletons appear to be watching the funny scene. 

Above the photo, Grantsville City addressed their message to “the person responsible for this display”: “You have until 9pm tonight (October 18) to take down your decorations or they will be removed by the city. Displays like this are not acceptable as it is against city code to attach anything to a street sign.” City officials of Grantsville, Utah tell local to take down his cheeky skeleton display.

While the city’s officials may not have been amused, users in the comments section could not get enough of the comical decorations. 

“This really made me giggle out loud,” one person wrote, while another criticized the city for being a “buzzkill” and making the homeowner take down the display. 

A different user posed a potential loophole for the resident: “Perhaps if the pole dancer were to wear a swimsuit it would be more appropriate in their neighborhood? 😂”

In an interview with Fox 13 News Utah, the owner of the home admitted that his Halloween setup may be a little “risqué” for some people, but it was “all in the name of fun.” A clip of a neighbor trying to cut down the skeleton multiple times was also shown. 

After the notice from the city was posted, the owner removed the skeleton from the street sign and repositioned the display on his own lawn to avoid further complaints.  Chrissy Teigen shared her funny skeleton display on her Instagram Story.

Funny skeleton displays are not just making waves in cities like Grantsville — they’re also making their way into the homes of celebrities. 

Chrissy Teigen revealed her funny skeleton setup where the statues are all set in different positions beside her pool. Many of them appeared to be lounging in the sun which made Teigen reference the popular reality dating show Love Island.

In a video clip showing off her skeletons, the model joked: “I love this so much. I just noticed it. It’s like they’re just relaxing by the fire pit. It’s like Love Island in 100 years.”

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