Man Asks Woman To Marry Him By Carving It In A Soy Field

Julien Thelliez from Crèvecœur-sur-l’Escaut, a municipality in the North, suggested to his partner of eight years Elodie Bureau to accompany him to the field where a surprise awaited him, France Live reported Thursday quoting “La Voix du Nord. “

“Arrived in the field, a gentleman was waiting for us, a drone pilot. He told me to look at the screen, and as I did, I saw the message. I was moved, I didn’t expect it at all,” the future wife testified to the local newspaper.

In the field, we can see large, neatly cut capital letters forming the apostrophe: “Will you marry me?” to which Mrs. Bureau responded yes to her farmer showing off a gold ring.

The young farmer who sowed flowers in his two-hectare field was waiting for it all to grow, praying that the weather would not ruin his plans, which were ignored by everyone, including his partner, according to the French media.

“Each letter is approximately 25 meters high and 15 to 25 wide.

The message, in total, measures 180 meters long,” said Mr. Thelliez, specifying that this work with the tractor-shredder and brushcutter took him two and a half days.

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