Here’s Your Chance To Live In a REAL Flintstones Cave House (Photos)

Living like “The Flintstones” could be your new reality.

A unique home in Concord, Ohio, which is built into a cave-like sculpture, just hit the real estate market for $400,000.

The 3,597-square-foot house has five bedrooms and three bathrooms tucked within its cave walls.

The house also features amenities such as a wood-burning fireplace and a two-car garage — and sits on over an acre of land.

Howard Hanna listing agent Jacqueline Ward gave more details on the property.

“This was absolutely the most interesting listing I’ve ever taken on,” she said. “And it has a fantastic history to it.”

The original owners commissioned the property in 1970, as they were looking for a home that “aligned with their vision” of raising their children.

“So instead of buying or building, they ended up commissioning a sculpture to live in,” she said. 

Called “Chant du Cygne,” that creation was done by famous sculptor Wayne Trapp — and it’s the largest that Trapp has ever made, according to Ward.

The piece became an “iconic” landmark in the area, Ward mentioned, and has amassed a “level of celebrity.”

The home’s recognition status has boosted interest from potential buyers, as Ward indicated the ideal owner could use the space for both living and creative purposes.

“It is priced accordingly for what it is,” she said. “It’s one of a kind.”

She added, “It could have lots of potential income stream if someone chose not to use it as residential.” 

Ward said a buyer could use it as a short-term rental or an “immersion space.”

The “greatest amenity” of the property is the “completely organic” lifestyle it promotes, Ward pointed out.

“All the walls are organically made by hand,” she said. “At any time during the day, depending on where the light hits, the room looks different.”

“The walls almost look like they move throughout the day, so every day is kind of a unique experience.”

She added, “If you’re interested in immersion space or art gallery space, or just unique visionary living, this is definitely a property you would want to look into.”

Since the 53-year-old structure requires some restorative maintenance, Ward said she hopes someone “brings it back to its glory.”

She added, “It would be fantastic to see someone bring it back to where it was in the 70s.”

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