Jeffrey Dahmer’s Dad Asked Son’s Darkest Fantasy in Chilling Newly Released Tapes

In a never-before-heard tape of a conversation between serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and his father, the notorious monster was asked what his earliest 'disturbing' fantasy was. Even decades after his death in 1994, Dahmer, who was nicknamed the ‘Milwaukee Monster’ continues to fascinate, horrify, and capture the public imagination. Dahmer committed the murders of 17... Continue Reading →

Man Disappears After Finding Cave Near Area 51 Claiming to Have Strong Vibrations (Video)

The 47-year-old experienced hiker first discovered a 'hidden' cave near Area 51 in 2014. After publicly documenting and speaking about his findings on YouTube, Veach was urged by followers to retrace his tracks, find the cave again and investigate further. Little did people realize the explorer's third expedition would be his last. After discovering the cave in 2014,... Continue Reading →

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