Archaeologists Alarmed by Ancient Maya ‘Snake Tomb’ with Human Body Found Inside

The ancient Maya have long been a point of interest for archaeologists and researchers attempting to understand civilization. Their work has seen them discover countless relics and artefacts hidden deep inside the jungle. Much of this has consisted of things like pyramids and jewellery, though one find trumped them all. Deep inside the jungle of Belize, Central America, archaeologists have... Continue Reading →

Fishermen Dredged Up Sea Monster Nicknamed ‘Nessie’ off New Zealand Coast

A crew aboard a Japanese fishing boat got a little bit more than they bargained for when they dredged up the corpse of a 30-foot sea creature. reported that the carcass weighing a staggering 3,968 pounds had the fishermen convinced they stumbled upon a modern-day dinosaur. According to the Daily Star, the finding took place east of Christchurch in New Zealand, aboard... Continue Reading →

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