One-Ton Snake Head Unearthed in Massive Earthquake

Nature is, among other things, unpredictable; for example, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions notoriously and problematically defy forecasting. And sometimes unanticipated natural events can turn up equally (if not even more) unanticipated archeological finds. For evidence, look no further than the recent 7.6-magnitude earthquake near Mexico’s west coast. As reported by ScienceAlert, the humongous quake inadvertently led... Continue Reading →

Spider Webs Seen Falling from the Sky by California Residents (Video)

People in some areas of California are noticing spiders falling from the sky. Spiders are parachuting down in silky balloons, leaving stringy sticky webs all over Northern California neighborhoods. The bizarre phenomenon is happening just in time for Halloween. Brook Shadwell recorded videos of the phenomenon. “I’ve never seen anything like this,” Shadwell tells Inside Edition. “At first I actually... Continue Reading →

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