‘Impending’ Solar Storm Surge ‘Will Cause Whales to Beach Themselves’ by ‘Blinding Them’

Solar storms could be causing some species of whale to beach themselves due to interruptions to their navigation receptors that use the Earth’s magnetic field. Research shows there is a correlation between periods of strong solar activity and an increase in larger whale species getting lost and then beaching themselves due to being navigationally “blinded.” There is an impending... Continue Reading →

Salamanders Eaten by a Pitcher Plant Wins Close-Up Photo of the Year

A photo of two salamanders being consumed by a carnivorous pitcher plant has won the fourth annual Close-Up Photographer of the Year competition. The competition, which is supported by Affinity Photo, saw more than 9,000 entries from 54 countries this year across 11 categories: Animals, Insects, Plants, Fungi, Intimate Landscape, Underwater, Butterflies & Insects, Invertebrate Portrait, Manmade,... Continue Reading →

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