Massive ‘Devil Comet’ Explodes En Route to Earth

A giant horned “devil” comet has exploded en route to Earth — the second time the interstellar snowball’s blown its stack in two weeks. Named 12P/Pons-Brooks, the falling star’s latest display was caught on camera by Arizona-based astronomy buff Elliot Herman. “Comet 12P appears to be manifesting more frequent outbursts, a new outburst only two weeks from the... Continue Reading →

1 in 22 Humans are Psychopaths – Can You Spot Them?

If I asked you to picture a psychopath, what kind of character might spring to your mind? Thanks to Hollywood, we may imagine them to be “American Psycho”’s (1992) blood-soaked Christian Bale revving a chainsaw, or “Psycho”’s (1960) eerie Anthony Perkins brandishing a butcher’s knife while we’re just trying to take a shower. But the reality is... Continue Reading →

NASA Spacecraft Spots ‘Glowing Green Dot’ on Jupiter

An image from Jupiter taken by NASA's JunoCam shows a bright green dot on the planet's north pole. Turns out, the glowing orb is a lightning bolt, NASA says. While lightning on Earth often comes from water clouds near the equator, clouds containing an ammonia-water solution oftentimes cause lighting near Jupiter's poles, according to NASA.  Juno started its mission on... Continue Reading →

Proof ALL Life Came from Space

Confirming the existence of RNA nucleobases in space rocks, a recent study of an asteroid sample extracted from Ryugu has revealed the presence of uracil, one of the four building blocks of RNA. The study also identified niacin, a form of vitamin B3, that plays a significant role in metabolism, in the dust that was... Continue Reading →

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