Do Irish Mythological Creatures Actually Exist?

The inhabitants of a small French island in the Mediterranean have depended on agriculture and livestock herding, surrounded by breathtaking beaches and rugged mountains. For generations, stories of a mysterious creature have been handed down in Corsica's island mythology. According to a news release from the French Office for Biodiversity on March 16, the "Ghjattu... Continue Reading →

Top UFO Investigator Says Aliens “Have an Agenda”

Malcolm Robinson, a leading UFO expert who has investigated dozens of sightings over an impressive 45-year career, says aliens 'don't come in peace' and 'have an agenda' A leading UFO expert has warned that aliens “don't come in peace” after spending 45 years investigating potential extraterrestrial sightings. Malcolm Robinson has written 10 books on aliens and described... Continue Reading →

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